We aim to provide elevated solutions to questions arising in businesses and research through transparent, reproducible, data-driven results.
— Seth & Chad


Menu of Services

We offer a host of analytic solutions designed to synergize with your goals and provide clearly-communicated answers to your questions.


Areas of Expertise


Statistics and data analysis were born in academia. We have a wealth of experience in academic settings and can provide answers to any research question involving data, regardless of substantive area. Specific services include, but are not limited to: developing statistical analysis plans, study design with power analysis and sample size calculation, grant preparation, dissertation/thesis services, full statistical analysis, manuscript preparation, seminars, and software training.


Given the wealth of data collected by government agencies, reliable analytics and statistics are vital to effective governing in our modern world. We collaborate with government entities at the federal, state, and local level to provide data driven solutions to move society forward.


We are committed to giving our corporate clients analyses that will generate an overwhelming return on investment. We assist in predictive modeling, marketing analytics, forecasting, customer response modeling, and data visualization. Our goal is to tailor an analytics package to ensure our corporate clients receive answers to problems of any scope or size.


We critique and compose expert reports, provide expert testimony in court settings, and support quantitative research in litigation. We perform under the assumption that our legal clients are focused on getting the right answer, regardless of whether it favors their position or not.


Meet the Team

Seth Lirette, PhD

Seth is Principal Statistician and co-founder of Blackshear & Lirette. He holds a Master of Science in Statistics from Mississippi State University and is a PhD student in Biostatistics at the University of Alabama at Birmingham. Although the bulk of his professional career has been focused in the arena of academic medical research, he has a wide range of experience consulting for manufacturing, governmental agencies, and non-medical academia. Despite his youth, he has published over a dozen peer-reviewed articles as well as been a sought after presenter on various applications of statistical methodology and practice. He is an expert on translating statistics to non-statisticians and the Stata programming language.

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Chad Blackshear, MS

Chad is the co-founder of Blackshear & Lirette. He holds a Master of Science in Statistics from Mississippi State University. As an active career statistician in the academic sector, Chad provides statistical support to collaborators and active studies, teaches statistics, and assists in the development of co-authored peer-reviewed publications. Chad has research interests in exploratory data analysis, data visualization, experimental design and model selection. Chad is enthusiastic about contributing to the understanding of statistical knowledge and supporting his local community.